1/ As with all approval processes for your patio or carport we engage a Private certifier to obtain a building approval.

2/ Local Councils are responsible for archiving of documentation and relaxation permits & approvals.

3/ The process starts with D & C PATIOS preparing a site measure and draft plans and lodging relevant paperwork and engineering to our certification company for them to assess.

4/ Our certifier will then conduct all relevant searches relating to your house, i.e. location of sewerage, stormwater and easements. This process takes up to 2 weeks to complete.
5/ If a relaxation is required for front or side boundaries we will inform you at your initial Consultation/quote and generally extra fees will need to be paid.

6/ Extra time will also be needed for the relaxation to be allowed for the council’s approval process as an inspector from your local council authority will need to inspect the site prior to all approvals.

7/ After completion of your construction project, a final inspection is carried out by the certifier and will send/forward a form 21 to the homeowner, council and construction company.



As above the same proses will take place, however you will need body corporate

approval to proceed.

The application frees for this may change as you may have standard fees, or you may need GIA or a DA approval, this can be checked with your local body corporate, council or a certifier.

If a DA or GIA is needed this can be costly.